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If you are looking for procurement advisory services or assistance with strategic procurement in the chemical procurement industry, Procurement Marketplace offers a wide array of categories and subcategories to select goods and services from to best suit your needs.

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Procurement for Chemical Industry

Procurement refers to the purchasing of goods and services. At ProcMarket, we have 26 diverse industries with 157,000 categories and subcategories for buyers to choose goods and services from.

In our Interactive Categorisation Engine and within the Chemical Procurement industries, we have 12 sub industries, 77 categories, and 542 subcategories for buyers to choose chemical procurement goods and services from. Our wide variety of goods and services within each industry aims to service clients’ various wants and needs. We have a user-friendly procurement marketplace platform with images at every step along the way to assist with the decision-making process.

The sub industries include goods and services which range from additives, colourants, elements and gases, fuels, greases and anti-corrosives, waxes and oils through to explosive materials.

Once the client has selected their category and has finalised their purchase within the chemical procurement industry, a procurement professional will be allocated. The procurement professional who will be assisting must have expertise in chemical procurement, meet requirements and will be the closest match to the specific category chosen by the client. This procurement professional will be taken through to the Collaboration Zone with the client to deliver the chosen products.

At ProcMarket, we can assist with all of your chemical procurement needs! To find out more about our strategic procurement and strategic sourcing processes, or more information on what we offer in our chemical industries, categories and subcategories, speak to our professionals.

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How do we help your procurement needs?

At ProcMarket we have 26 industries on offer with thousands of categories for clients to choose goods and services from. Our team of procurement professionals can assist you in all areas of strategic procurement and strategic sourcing.

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