Products We Offer

At ProcMarket, we have a range of products available which cover:

    • Procurement strategy
    • Risk assessment and treatment plan
    • Scope of work
    • Evaluation criteria and response schedules
    • Request for X-Document
    • Source to contract
    • Evaluation facilitation and report
    • Spend analytics

All our products are available in varying sizes to suit individual requirements. Our range of sizes aim to represent the value of the specific contract that the client would like to put into action.

What are the differences in product skill levels?

At ProcMarket we offer 3 skill levels for each product we provide. The levels are beginner, advanced and expert. A procurement professional igrading into one of these 3 skill levels depending on their years of experience, education and experience. A procurement professional who is classed as a beginner will have less than 5 years experience, an  advanced procurement professional will have 5-20 years experience whilst an expert procurement professional will have over 20 years experience.

Are the products customisable?

Our range of products are able to be customised for your needs in regards to range of sizes and choice of skill level. We offer 3 skill levels (beginner, advanced and expert) as well as a range of 7 sizes which range from under $500K through to over $2M.

Do you have a business procurement consultant?

Yes we do! Once you select your product, size and skill level you will be taken through to select an industry, which is where you can select the business industry. From there, you can select any relevant categories or subcategories. A business procurement consultant who has ideal education and experience for your needs will be allocated to you.

Do you offer a bundle of products?

Our source to contract is our product that offers everything. Within the source to contract you will receive procurement strategy development, risk assessment, scope of work, evaluation criteria, RFX document development, evaluation planning and facilitation of the evaluation process and recommendation.

Do procurement professionals have experience in each industry?

We have procurement professionals who have experience in each of our 26 industries. Once the client has selected their industry then their relevant subcategories, a procurement professional who has the closest area of expertise within the specific subcategories will be allocated. 

What procurement services do you offer?

At ProcMarket, we offer a wide range of procurement services such as procurement strategy, scope of work, request for x document, source to contract, risk assessment and treatment plan, spend analytics, evaluation facilitation and report and evaluation criteria and response schedules. 

Our range of procurement services and products are available in a range of sizes which range from under $500K to over $2M. Products are customisable based on skill level, with options ranging from beginner, advanced and expert. Beginner skill levels refer to up to 5 years of experience, advanced ranges from 5-20 years of experience and expert skill level refers to over 20 years of experience.

What is strategic purchasing?

Strategic purchasing is the final step in finalising a purchase relating to procurement goods and services. At ProcMarket, we offer a range of goods and services within our range of 26 industries and 157,000 categories to ensure clients have the widest choice of procurement goods and services.

What are the benefits of utilising procurement advisory services?

There are several benefits engaging with ProcMarket to utilise procurement advisory services such as access to cost-effective solutions to all of your procurement needs, the ability to outsource your tactical procurement and be more strategic in the process, have access to time efficient procurement services which will allow you to augment your procurement abilities, access to expertise in all procurement industries from around the world thanks to our team of procurement professionals, and the ability to utilise a user-friendly B2B platform which makes the procurement decision-making process easy and seamless with added imagery to assist with the process!

Why should I hire a procurement and supply chain consultancy?

Hiring a procurement and supply chain consultancy will have a number of benefits on your procurement outcomes such as receiving assistance with affiliating corporate objectives, utilising business process outsourcing, receiving and understanding a formal assessment, improving your overall objectives and performance at the same time as cutting down your overall operational costs. 

As ProcMarket is a top procurement consulting firm, we are here to assist our clients with all of their procurement and outsourcing needs while reaching their business goals! Reach out to our friendly team at ProcMarket to find out more and get started today!

Do you offer procurement consultants for each industry?

Yes, at ProcMarket we have a range of procurement consultants who have world-class experience and skills in each of our 26 industries ranging from a business procurement consultant, healthcare procurement consultant, construction procurement consultant right through to government procurement consultant.

Reach out to our experienced team at ProcMarket today to find out more about our industry professionals and how our procurement services can be of assistance to you!

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