Source to Contract Product

When purchasing the entire source to contract process, this will include the entirety of the cycle, including procurement strategy development, risk assessment, scope of work, evaluation criteria, RFX document development, evaluation planning and facilitation of the evaluation process and recommendation.

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The source to contract is available in a range of sizes starting from under $500K through to over $2M. The range of size choice allows for optimal personalisation of the source to contract to represent the value of the contract that the buyer wants to put in place.

The source to contract is customisable in terms of skill level ranging from beginner, advanced and expert depending on the professionals’ years of experience, education and certifications. Beginner refers to less than 5 years of experience, advanced ranges from 5-20 years of experience whilst expert level is over 20 years of experience. A certified professional body and/or relevant master’s degree will also be taken into consideration.

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