Never miss another procurement deadline.A lack of procurement capacity or expertise will cost your business money.
When you use ProcMarket to boost your team's capacity and expertise, productivity increases and business flourishes.


At ProcMarket, we service a wide variety of 26 industries which range from construction and business through to food, utilities and more. Within our industries we have over 157,000 categories and sub-categories for clients to select goods and services from, with a range of procurement professionals who specialise in each industry. To learn more about the industries we service and our range of categories, click on the button below.

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At ProcMarket, we offer a wide range of products to assist with your procurement needs that include procurement strategies, risk assessment and treatment plan, scope of work, evaluation criteria and response schedules, request for x document, source to contract, evaluation facilitation and report, spend analytics and sustainability solutions. To learn more about the products, range of sizes and skill levels we offer, click on the button below.

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ProcMarket is a marketplace for talented Professionals.

At ProcMarket, we have a 5-step process which starts from the client choosing their relevant categories right through to delivering the products. In our Interactive Categorisation Engine, clients can filter their searches through industries, sub industries, categories and subcategories. All our categories have photos to assist in the decision-making process.

Our Procurement Marketplace platform ensures clients have a user-friendly platform to utilise and gain the benefit of time efficient procurement solutions. To find out more about our procurement process, click here!

Why Choose Procurement Marketplace?

Our team of procurement professionals are here to assist you in developing successful strategies today for a financially secure tomorrow! At ProcMarket, we aim to stand out in the market. There are many benefits of working with ProcMarket since we:

If you are considering augmenting your procurement capability with some extra support or you are wanting to find out more about the industries we service or the products we offer, get in contact with us by filling in this form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about the procurement process, we have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

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What is procurement?

Procurement refers to the purchasing of goods and services. At ProcMarket, we have 26 industries with 157,000 categories and subcategories for clients to choose goods and services from. To find out more about the industries we service, click here.

What are the benefits of procurement?

There are many benefits of procurement such as extra support when augmenting your procurement capability, although there are certain aspects which distinguish us from everybody else. At ProcMarket, we provide cost effective solutions, we have category specific expertise from all around the world, we have a user-friendly central B2B platform, and we offer time efficient procurement solutions.

What is a procurement consultant?

A procurement consultant or a procurement professional is someone who has specialised expertise in specific industries or categories within procurement. For example, procurement consultants may have specialised expertise in retail procurement. At ProcMarket, we have many professionals who are registered in our Procurement Marketplace that are interviewed and matched with industries depending on their expertise, experience, and skill levels.

What is a procurement strategy?

A procurement strategy is a personalised strategy that documents how to run procurement for your goods or services. It would include an analysis of strengths and weaknesses in terms of your purchasing power and a competitive market analysis. The strategy will come in a range of sizes and skill levels that are customisable to specific wants and needs of the contract.

What is the procurement process?

At ProcMarket, we have an in-depth 5-step procurement process. To find out more about this process, click here. The way our procurement process works is that a client selects an industry and category from our Interactive Categorisation Engine which has 157,000 options to choose from. From here, once the purchase is finalised the client will be transferred to the Collaboration Zone, where we source a procurement expert to work with them. Procurement professionals and our ProcMarket administration team will go through an interview and matching process to ensure an professional with the correct specialises and experiences will be chosen to enter the Collaboration zone with the client to deliver the products.

What is end-to-end procurement?

End-to-end procurement is a process which delivers a solution from the beginning of the process right through to the end of the process. To find out more about our procurement process, click here.

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