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You may have some questions about the procurement process, we have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

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What is strategic procurement?

Strategic procurement refers to the purchasing of goods and services. At ProcMarket, we offer goods and services within 26 industries, which are then broken down into 157,000 categories and subcategories which allows for a wide range of choice. 

Our range of procurement goods and services fit into industries ranging from healthcare, business, construction, food, beverage, agriculture and more. Strategic procurement ensures your process is held under one platform, allowing you to augment your capabilities and creating a seamless procurement process in the meantime. 

To find out more about the industries and categories we offer procurement goods and services from reach out to our friendly team at ProcMarket today!

How can a procurement consultant assist with my industry based procurement needs?

At ProcMarket, our team of procurement consultants have extensive training in each industry. Once you have selected your goods or services from the Interactive Categorisation Engine and finalised your purchase, you will be taken through to the Collaboration Zone where you will be partnered with a procurement consultant who has the necessary experience in both your selected industry, category and sub category. 

ProcMarket has implemented a strict process for procurement consultants which requires an interview and verification process with our administration team to ensure the experience is suitable for our range of industries and categories.

What is the strategic sourcing process for procurement needs?

Our team of procurement professionals are trained in our strategic sourcing process. Our team is experienced in every industry and category we offer for procurement goods and services. 

The strategic sourcing process involves procurement professionals sourcing specific goods and services, through to delivering the goods and services to clients.

What is your procurement process?

At ProcMarket we have a 5 step procurement process. The first step of the procurement process includes the client entering the Interactive Categorisation Engine to search from the 26 industries and 157,000 categories to choose a range of procurement goods and services from.

The second step of the procurement process begins once the client has finalised their purchase, to then be transferred through to the Collaboration Zone where the strategic sourcing process will begin. 

The third step of the procurement process involves procurement professionals being registered in the Procurement Marketplace. Once they are registered, they will need to select their areas of expertise. 

This information will then be verified by our administration team and an interview process will need to pass and be verified by the team before a procurement professional will be allowed to begin. 

The final step of the procurement process involves the chosen procurement professional with the closest amount of experience will be taken through to the Collaboration Zone to meet the client and will assist in delivering the chosen goods and services.

What is end-to-end procurement consulting?

End-to-end procurement consulting refers to the entire procurement process including the beginning stages of finding a solution right through to the end stages of delivering procurement goods and services. 

End-to-end procurement consulting provides a seamless procurement process through assistance by procurement professionals who have a range of experience in each procurement industry. An extensive end-to-end procurement consulting process allows for a strong relationship to be built between clients and professionals, with the added opportunity to outsource any procurement needs.