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Information about Procurement Marketplace

At ProcMarket, we have a team of highly skilled and talented procurement professionals who are here to help you develop successful strategies today for a financially secure tomorrow.

We utilise a user-friendly interface, that provides an Interactive Categorisation Engine, Collaboration Zone, and our Procurement Marketplace. In our Interactive Search Engine, we display 157,000 categories and subcategories to choose from within our industries, with photos to guide the process.

At ProcMarket, we offer a wide range of products that include procurement strategies, risk assessment and treatment plan, scope of work, evaluation criteria and response schedules, request for x document, source to contract, evaluation facilitation and report, spend analytics and sustainability solutions.

All our procurement products come in a range of sizes starting from under $500K to over $2M. The sizes demonstrate the value of the contract that the buyer wants to put in place. There are 3 skill levels available for our procurement products which are beginner, advanced and expert. The different levels demonstrate the professionals’ years of experience, education, and certifications. The beginner level reflects less than 5 years of experience, the advanced level reflects 5-20 years of experience, and the expert level reflects over 20 years of experience.

Our Procurement Process

We use a 5-step start to finish process starting from client choices through to delivering the products. Here is the step-by-step process we follow:

Step One

The client starts the process by using our Interactive Categorisation Engine which has 157,000 categories, to search for the relevant categories for the goods or services they are interested in.

Step Two

Once the client has selected categories and has finalised their purchase, they will be directed through to our Collaborative Zone. In the Collaborative Zone, the buyer will be made aware that we are sourcing a suitable procurement professional to work with them.

Step Three

Our procurement professionals are registered in the Procurement Marketplace. Once procurement professionals make their profile, they select their categories of expertise in the Interactive Categorisation Engine.

Step Four

Experts will be interviewed by the Procurement Marketplace administration. Once a professional passes an interview, the administration will mark them as verified.

Step Five

The procurement professional that has the closest matching category expertise to the one being purchased will be chosen to enter the Collaboration Zone with the client to deliver the products.

About The Founder

Procurement Marketplace was founded by Amy-Renee Hovorka, who is an experienced procurement professional with over 20 years of extensive experience working in various levels within the government, university, and utility sectors.

Amy-Renee Hovorka is the founder and CEO of Procurement Marketplace. Amy-Renee is a MBA graduate of the University of Macquarie Business School (MGSM), and is professionally qualified in procurement and is certified by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS).

She started her career developing strategies and writing the Minister’s speeches on how to improve the construction industry and procurement practices within. From that point forward, Amy-Renee has always focused on taking an innovative and continuous improvement approach to all her functions.

Meet Our Team

Amy-Renee HovorkaCEO & Founder

Amy-Renee is an experienced procurement professional with over 20 years of extensive experience working in procurement in a range of industries in varying levels.

David SutherlandChief Financial Officer

David has over 15 years of experience developing and executing data-driven financial management strategies to maximise profitability and eliminate inefficiencies in matrix environments.

Mahfuzur RahmanChief Technology Officer

Mahfuzur is a software engineer who has over 8 years of experience developing interactive platforms and working with various technology companies. Mahfuzur has accumulated over 10,000 hours in programming.

Maria Rosaline GuiragossianChief Operations Officer

Maria has 13 years of extensive experience in customer service and has developed interpersonal communication skills and professional relationships that can be applied to networking with clients, co-workers and key stakeholders.

Accreditations and Education

Associate Member World Commerce and Contracting and Innovation Architect

Bachelor of Management majoring in Manufacturing/Operations Management and Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Certified by Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS)